Candy Crush Saga Level 30.

Adrians tips.

remember your goal is to get the required fruit down ... so 

focus on that, if you can get a vertical striped candy 

above/below one and blast it, it'll drop to the bottom quickly 

(naturally use other specials / combos too). 

Also, remember 

once you remove one the next will drop into the play-board 

after your next swap ... so make your next move in an "easy" 

column (ie NOT one with cream in it / perhaps with a vert 

line-of-three ready to take etc). It's very easy to make good 

plays, but nowhere near the required fruit, so don't get 

distracted ... just make plays which move the fruit down!

Scroll down for more tips!



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Matt Ganzak said...

Candy Crush Level 30 is not really that hard. Just get the vertical combos going and you will be good.

Candy Crush Level 30 said...

Well I agree with Matt Ganzax level 30 is not hard. I completed level 30 easily.

SelenaGomezDiet said...