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Alpha Betty Saga

How to play Alpha Betty Saga 
Alpha Betty Saga is the latest game from King, the makers of Candy Crush Saga, Farm Heroes Saga and many more "Saga" games.

Alpha Betty Saga is being soft launched in a few countries at the moment, but will be launched worldwide very soon!
This is a world away from the match three games we are used to seeing from King.
Alpha Betty Saga is a word game very similar to Words of Wonder and the board game Scrabble.
To make your words you just put the mouse on the first letter of the word you want to make, hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse over the letters you want to use. If you make a legitimate word the letters will turn green and the word will be spelled out in the space at the top of the board.
Once you have finished making your word simply release the mouse button and the letters will be removed from the board and replaced with new letters.
As you can see from the image above, you can use any adjacent letter to make your words, either up and down or diagonal, as long as they are next to each other. You can only use each letter once.
You will get points for each word you make and the longer the word, the more points are awarded.
You also get extra boosters for longer words, which will help you in later levels.
If you make a four letter word in Alpha Betty Saga you will get a small crown, which will be placed randomly on the board. The crown has different uses in different levels, which I will explain as I go through this page.
If you make a five letter word in Alpha Betty Saga you will get a blue tile with two arrows, see the image.
The arrows mean that when you match the blue tile a whole row or column of letters will be removed and replaced by new ones.
The direction of the line blast will depend on the direction your mouse was moving when you completed the five letter word. The arrows can also be diagonal if your word ended with a diagonal move.
If you make a six letter word you will get arrows going in four directions, either top and bottom and side to side, or the four diagonal corners if the word ended on a diagonal.
If you make a seven letter word you will get the arrows pointing in eight directions! all four diagonal corners plus all four sides, so when you match the blue tile it will blast away tiles in every direction, clearing lots of letters and giving lots of points.
Top left of the board you will find the shuffle booster, which allows you to shuffle the board if you can't find any good words.
The shuffle booster starts every level empty. but fills up as you make your words, once it is full you can use it by clicking on it and it will mix up the letters, hopefully giving you more words. Once you have used the shuffle booster it will begin to fill again.
As you move through the levels you will encounter different obstacles to overcome as well as simply getting points from the words you make.
From level 6 you may find cheese levels, where you need to get pieces of cheese down the board and off the bottom.
You do this by making words under the cheese until it has fallen down to the bottom.

You can also use the line boosters, by making longer words ending in the column that the cheese needs to fall down and matching them, you can get the cheese down in one move.
Making words including a letter which has a crown on it will remove a letter from under the cheese.
From level 11 in Alpha Betty Saga you will begin to encounter bubbles. 
Bubbles are burst and cleared by making words using the letters inside the bubbles.

Crowns will knock out a bubble, as will the line blasters.
Some bubbles are double and need to be matched twice to remove them completely.
You will also encounter vines on some of the letters as the levels of Alpha Betty Saga get harder, if a letter has a vine on it you will have to match it once to remove the vine, then a second time to remove the letter. Vines can be on any level, either cheese, bubbles or word making.
If you enjoy word games and like the sound of Alpha Betty Saga click on the image below to play.

Candy Crush Saga level 890

Tips and tricks for level 890 Candy Crush Saga
Level 890 is an ingredients level, you need to collect two ingredients in 35 moves.
You need to collect five keys to unlock the fruit, which is already on the board.
Then you have to break through the cream blockers at the bottom of the board to allow the fruit to fall.
While all this is going on there will be chocolate growing from the chocolate spawners at the bottom of the board!
Be careful the chocolate doesn't eat your 2 wrapped candies as soon as you unlock them as they can be helpful in breaking some of the cream blockers, especially if you can switch them with a stripe.
Look foe stripe/wrap combos, or a colour bomb/stripe combo.
Video below.

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